Canyoneering Karma

Meetup group hosted by Canyon Adventures and Canyons & Crags. The group exists to serve; to help you learn, practice and hone technical canyoneering skills; to meet other canyoneers; and of course to have fun exploring canyons.


The American Canyoneering Association is the premier source for training, technical information and services for recreational canyoneers, canyon leaders, guides and rescue professionals in the Unites States.

Canyon Guides International

Providing world-class training and certification for professional canyon guides. Courses offered in the United States, Canada, Latin America and Asia.

Canyons & Crags

Based in Cedar City Utah, Canyons & Crags offers comprehensive training for beginner through advanced canyoneers, professional canyon guides and technical rescue teams; plus quality rope and gear.

ART of RopeWork

Rich Carlson’s ART of RopeWork YouTube channel, providing instructional videos for canyoneering, climbing, rappelling, rigging and rescue.

Animated Knots by Grog

A great reference for anyone wanting to learn or hone knot tying skills for various applications – and it’s free.

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